Toward Utopia

Utopia is the mission. Collaboratively the human race can make the world a better place.


‘Toward Utopia’ is a magazine format TV Series with accompanying digital presence, a public movement with ancillary event opportunities and strong public engagement and involvement potential. The program was devised, developed and branded by Deborah Collier and is funded by Portman Collier and Future Knowledge.

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Toward Utopia is the educational TV Series bringing you insights, research, opinion and debate from some of the world’s greatest thinkers, innovators, experts and leaders. Toward Utopia presents insider knowledge from organisations, experts, academics and researchers in a format that any viewer can understand, learn from and enjoy. It enables the viewer to contribute their vision of Utopia, ask questions and discuss where we will be going.

Toward utopia discusses the present and future of:

science, technology, digital innovation and AI, government, society and culture, human psychology & mental health, health and medicine, environment and the planet, our lifestyle, the universe, entertainment and more…

Toward Utopia guests (recognized experts, thinkers, leaders, academics and innovators), present, explore and debate questions such as:

How can we develop and implement advancements and innovations ethically? How can we ensure what we do helps humanity and society? How would all these areas impact and feature in our ideal world (utopia)?

Will the evolution of our global cultures, governments, processes, practices and technologies, help humanity reach a Utopian future? Does and can Utopia exist? Are we on the right path or is it too late to help humanity?

Further Information: – TV Series Information for broadcasters, presenters, contributors and collaborators – Toward Utopia – For General Public

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