Executive Producer

What is an Executive Producer?

There are many types of Executive Producer, ranging from financial, legal, management, marketing, creative and strategic. There are also those who are attached to a film in name only, due to the kudos or audience they can bring. Executive Producers are the most senior level of executive involved in the production of a film or TV production. As they come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, they collectively bring different expertise to a project, much like a board of directors in a company. Not all Executive Producers are on the board of directors of a production company, and this also depends on the experience, expertise and level of involvement in the company and production. A common mistake is to assume that all Executive Producers fund or find funding for productions. Some will invest in film and TV productions themselves, and some, particularly those from a traditional production background, may act in a fundraising and financial management capacity. Others may have specific expertise and contacts in streaming, TV and film commissioning acquisition. Portman Collier is a non-production company with holdings and investments in other companies.

Deborah Collier Executive Producer

A senior strategic, business and educational leader, working on three high-end film and TV projects, Portman Collier’s Group CEO Deborah Collier is a business, strategic and creative executive producer. She is currently overseeing development of an engaging educational and entertainment magazine format TV Series, an animated entertainment comedy series and a large scale theatrical film production.

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