Adventures of Madam Music

The animated TV Series ‘Adventures of Madam Music’ is a revival of 2005-2007  musician and music label characters Madam Music (the quirky electric guitar fan, record label owner, adventurer and music icon interviewer), Kris the good looking shy and talented musician, Des the day job banker who moonlights playing drums with his band the ‘Sultans of Bling’, and Summer (the beautiful, smart, dance music fan).  The story adventures originally published as written stories in 2005-2007 on, are written and expanded. A mix of humour and sensitivity from fiction and real life, the stories, adventures and music icon interviews create a fun, engaging and evergreen story for music and comedy lovers. The series is currently being developed in-house, with production likely to take place through a Portman Collier subsidiary.

Screenwriter and Executive Producer: Deborah Collier of Portman Collier.

Madam Music Band and Record Label Team
Madam Music Record Label and Band