Women in Leadership Essential to Media Industry’s Audience – The Telegraph Interview

15th Mar 2024

News about Portman Collier

In her contribution to a feature in The Telegraph’s Money, our CEO Deborah Collier, commented in her role as President of industry’s global awarding body and publisher Digital Skills Authority, on the need for women in the media industry.  Digital Skills Authority is a Portman Collier holding.

““The primary reason is a critical one. Women can lead organisations to reach and engage with female and mixed audiences, so it is a necessity,””

With former experience in the banking and finance industry and development of strategic partners, her comments on opportunities in the banking industry were also included in the article.

“Collier said: “The banking sector’s focus on gender equality is driven by a combination of societal, regulatory, business and cultural factors, making it a promising industry for women seeking career opportunities and advancement.

“Regulatory bodies and government organisations have put pressure on banks to report on their gender diversity initiatives and progress, which has pushed banks to prioritise gender equality in their hiring, promotion and retention practices.””

Deborah a Top 10 Thought-Leader for Legal / IP (according to Thinkers360), has an interest in governance as a business leader and creator of a global industry governance framework. She will be delivering a keynote speech at the House of Lords, on the Future of Governance – The Formidable Trio of Digital, Technology and Communications on 18th April 2024.

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