‘Future Proof’ Success+ Magazine Interview with our CEO

05th Jul 2024

Executive News from Digital Skills Authority

Portman Collier CEO and Futurist Leader Deborah Collier, has appeared in interview in US publication Success magazine, for her work at Digital Skills Authority, co-owned by Portman Collier.

Digital Skills Authority is industry’s global awarding body for advanced digital and digital business skills and is an educational publishing company, with it’s own suite of interactive e-learning programs on a sophisticated e-learning and certification platform.  Founded by Deborah in 2016, with a net value of over $11-million, its training and certifications have helped boost leading organizations, leaders and professionals around the globe since 2008.

‘Future Proof’ explores Deborah’s entrepreneurial success, the legacy of her work and her thoughts and advice for the future.

Success+ Magazine is a US publication of “100 remarkable interviews featuring renowned celebrities, CEOs, and iconic entrepreneurs….proven strategies AND mindsets that fueled their extraordinary success.”, according to it’s publisher.

The article is available throughout the month of July to Success+ members, and will later appear on the public Success web site.