Our CEO talks to Management Today, BigThink & HR Grapevine

15th Jan 2024

News about Portman Collier

Portman Collier CEO Deborah Collier, has delivered insight on current and future skills in digital and media, in her role as President of Digital Skills Authority.  Deborah is the founder of Digital Skills Authority, the global industry awarding body for digital and digital business skills. A media group with a net value of $8-million, headed by Digital Skills Authority Inc. in Delaware, USA, with operations in Windsor, UK, it is one of Portman Collier’s successful holdings.  With 45-hours of high-end interactive digital media content broadcast through it’s e-learning platform, it has monetized it’s content since 2016, and employs staff internationally.  Portman Collier benefits from resources across the group.

HR Grapevine
Elon Musk said “no job is needed” in the future of work. Is he right?
(Alongside Nick Clegg of Meta, and Google Deepmind CEO Demis Hassabis)

Management Today
Is the Future of Work No Work?

Big Think (New York Publication)
6 Innovative and Effective Approaches to Upskilling(With Microsoft, Slack, Deloitte and Salesforce)