Current TV & Film Projects

As well as our own magazine TV Series and animation TV Series projects, we collaborate with TV / film production companies on specific individual and carefully selected productions only.  Portman Collier is not affiliated with any portfolio production company.   To avoid misrepresentation, projects will be listed here on our web site, and on Deborah’s IMBD profile.

Portman Collier is currently exec producing for the following three projects only:

  • Toward Utopia

    A TV Show, concept, format and brand developed, Exec Produced and Hosted by Deborah Collier (through Portman Collier), is a multi-disciplinary engaging and entertaining educational magazine format TV Series with public participation. Deborah Collier who hosts the show alongside highly experience specialist presenters, brings together the world’s greatest thinkers, innovators, business and academic minds to discuss Innovation, Culture, Humanity, Futurism and Futurology. Toward Utopia discusses visions of utopia and debate the path to get there.

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  • Olive Tree – The Great Survival

    A large scale theatrical film (budget $20-million+), Olive Tree - The Great Survival is an astonishing true story of survival and human kindness. Deborah Collier is a founder executive producer alongside an Oscar-winning exec producer, an established factual producer, the survivor, close family and friends of the living survivor and heroes. Deborah is Chair of the board of directors on the dedicated UK production company Olive Tree Story, with Portman Collier as a shareholder. As well as strategic business oversight, she will oversee creative, script and marketing and will be responsible for Director and screenwriter and selection. Watch out for updates and announcements regarding this engaging, incredible story to help impact society for the better.

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  • Adventures of Madam Music

    The sensitive and comedic TV Series of four musician and music label characters, and the adventures, highs and disappointments they face building the record label, life on the music scene, and the celebrity interviews and travels of the lead character. After just over a 15-year break, Deborah Collier creator of the concepts, animated characters, brands and music portal, will reignite the scene, bringing the stories, illustrated and animated characters to life through a new TV series.

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