Olive Tree – The Great Survival

The Olive Tree project comprises a large scale theatrical film with companion documentary about an astonishing true story of survival and human kindness. The film, with founders comprising a team of film, business and academics from multiple racial, religious and non-religious backgrounds in the UK and USA, depicts an incredible true story of survival and human-kindness during the Second World War. This highly motivational and engaging story about a living  survivor and the 10 British prisoners of war  who risked their lives to rescue her when she was just 16 years old, aims to inspire hope, help humanity understand the dangers of racial hatred to prevent similar wars on any nation or group, to prevent violence against women, and promote acts of valour and human-kindness. This high-impacting story spans the UK, Europe and USA (the home of the European survivor), and is expected to entice an audience of all ages and backgrounds through it’s captivating cinematic content.

Deborah Collier is a founder /executive producer alongside established leading industry producers, experienced and Oscar-winning exec producers, two professors, the survivor, close family and friends of the survivor and heroes.  Further to some development prior  Deborah is now leading the dedicated company as Chair of the board, with Portman Collier as a shareholder. In her role as executive producer on the $20-million budget film, she leads creative, script and marketing oversight and will be responsible for Director and screenwriter and selection. Watch out for updates and announcements regarding this engaging, incredible story to help impact society for the better.

In the meantime, if you are interested in helping fund this amazing project, please contact us.