Olive Tree Story – The Great Survival Post-Pandemic Reignition

21st Feb 2022

The Great Survival Movie

Olive Tree Story – The Great Survival, a large scale theatrical film with a dedicated film project company between 7 shareholders and 6 executive producers including Portman Collier (currently the primary investor), has been on hold during the pandemic.  Citing unfavourable economic climate and pandemic uncertainly, Deborah Collier, CEO Portman Collier “This project represents a fabulous opportunity not only for it’s founders and shareholders but also for global audiences. Timing for fundraising, as well as planning, assessment and mitigation of risks are absolutely vital”.  Executive producers who include those working in skills education, have focused their attention on ensuring education and vital governance in education were delivered throughout the pandemic.  Film industry producers including an Oscar winning executive film producer (The Kings Speech), and an award winning documentary producer, have focused their attention on their immediate projects with continued planning, engagement and forward planning for The Great Survival.