Production Experience & Expertise


Relevant Production Experience & Expertise

As board level strategic business and educational leader, Deborah who has 20-year business and education experience, was invited into the film & TV production industry by a number of producers, who recognized translatable experience and skills from her career in business, digital and marketing leadership, as well as music and educational content production. While Deborah works at a senior strategic level, the following highlights from her career, may be helpful in understanding some of the experience she brings to a project.

Please find below some highlighted relevant production related experience from Deborah’s career:

  • Authored, scripted, produced, broadcast, marketed and monetized over 30-hrs of audio, video and interactive visual content.
  • Commenced leadership of a large-scale theatrical film inputting into key funding documentation.
  • Conceived, developed and branding the multi-faceted TV series ‘Toward Utopia’.
  • Developed and implemented a high-impacting global business development and licensing model for intellectual property
  • Wrote over 40-hrs of script, over 60,000 words of articles and published books, as well as additional marketing communications during her career.
  • Interviewed public figures and entrepreneurs for online publications.
  • Produced events (including a sponsored music event to an audience of 3,000+)*.
  • Exec produced and marketed a music album for an artist on her label 2005-2007 (including support on set for brand integrity, and input in edit requirements)
  • Presented and broadcast education and informational live and recorded webinars over a 12-year period.
  • Delivered motivational talks, presentations, and educational seminars around the globe.
  • Engaged and attracted a highly influential network and following on social media.
  • Translatable web site production and management including storyboarding and content production.
  • Significant strategic and strategic advisory experience including serving on boards of directors.
  • Extensive strategic marketing, digital, content and audience engagement expertise and experience.
  • Stakeholder, risk management and communications skills.
  • Delivered stakeholder and risk management advice to a film producer over a 1-year period

* Portman Collier does not produce events, however Deborah delivers public speeches, and may support film / TV series sponsorship Find out more.