Innovation in TV and Film is Critical to Harnessing Opportunities from Digital

08th Jul 2020

Portman Collier's Industry Insights

Portman’s Executive Producer Deborah Collier is a futurist who has published predictions and delivered strategic and innovation advice, particularly in the field of business, digital, media and content, for the last 20-years.

In her 2018 ‘E-Business Predictions’, she proposed that in order to better service customers and expand reach to customers, subscription services should join forces, offering a single account and single sign-on to media platforms.

Streaming Age and Opportunities for Growth

This year, with the exponential growth in subscribers and content demand, the economic climate is highly favourable for media platforms providing video, music, media and TV on-demand to entertain and educate consumers, who are focusing their spending on less costly purchases.  It’s no secret that giants like Netflix, Disney and Amazon have moved into and booked out significant studio space in the UK, where there are tax incentives for British investment in production. Growth trends and consumption for online media are at a rate of around 25% across the board. Selling, content quality and delivery to consumers in an ever competing market, should be at the heart strategy for media organisations in 2020 and beyond.  With consumption and the demand for high-quality engaging content on the rise, investment growth potential in the production of film and TV has never been better.

Coronavirus – Filming & Studio Challenges

The greatest challenge facing production companies and investors, is the ability to produce with the risks posed by Coronavirus. However, studios have already started putting strategies in places for safe filming. In addition, animation and CGI also deliver additional opportunities for content production, and archive footage enables interim documentary production. 2020 places some elements of film production on pause, but it is the ideal year for planning, script writing and development, and investment acquisition. This time can be used effectively to get ready for an ignition post virus, or indeed to focus on new and evolving technologies for CGI / animation content.