Animated TV Series Adventures of Madam Music to Reignite and Expand Original Stories

14th Jul 2020

News about Portman Collier

Animated TV Series – Adventures of Madam Music

Portman Collier is delighted to announce the revival of the animated characters Madam Music, Des, Kris and Summer, and the development of the first TV series.  The initial stories – a mix of real life stories and fiction,  were written by our Executive Producer Deborah Collier 2005 – 2007. The fictional characters which are based on a blend of individuals, and in some cases used as their avatars, include travel adventures, record label highs and lows, as well as real life interviews with music icons. These were and may continue temporarily to be undertaken by Deborah Collier in the background, and weaved into the story, with actors and actresses playing the parts.

Deborah is a published author, who aside from poetry, and gentle dips into comedy, has for work purposes needed to focus her writing on business, education, digital and marketing.   Through Portman Collier and it’s partners, Deborah will continue to incorporate comedy into the episode scripts, which may include other writers at a later stage. – mark II will launch alongside the series.

Further background information: Original Madam Music – Mark I Case Study